2014 Recap

"There is a significant wave of interest in Business as Mission and Social Entrepreneurship as more and more people seek to connect their mind and heart in profitable, high multi-impact investing. The Lion's Den is helping to form and shape this movement by providing must attend events, great deal flow, and a network of like-minded individuals.”

Blake Mosher, Managing Director of Coluccio Capital Partners in Austin, Texas.

Real Businesses seeking Real Investors to make Real Impact

The goal of The Lion’s Den is to “Inspire, Educate and Mobilize” people to invest their time, talents and other resources in the Kingdom through Business as Mission.

2014 Presenters

Erwin Brothers Entertainment

Erwin Brothers Entertainment

Jon Erwin described his company’s vision for the motion picture Woodlawn filmed in the Birmingham area, and how it will have international reach and impact.
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Thrive Farmers Coffee

Thrive Farmers Coffee

The sole supplier for Chick-fil-A stores nationwide promoting “Farmer-Direct” coffee, a new, relational focus to sourcing the world’s most popular beverage.
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Jonathan Jakubowski of EzyLife India explained how they would leverage their operations in half a dozen countries as they enter India’s agricultural market and provide higher crop yields for farmers with their EzyGrow seed inoculant.
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Work of Worth International

Work of Worth International

Barry Morehead & Olivia Dunn gave the audience a glimpse into the start-up’s rapid growth in sourcing & selling hand made goods from India to alleviate poverty and human trafficking.
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East Africa Hydro Fund

East Africa Hydro Fund

Tom Phillips, of Memphis, Tenn., shared about his East Africa Hydro Development Fund which will boost Rwanda’s domestic power generation and supply essential infrastructure.

2014 Panelists

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