Our 5th Annual Event at Samford University

Cedarworks, Inc. presented out 5th annual event with the goal to “Inspire, Educate and Mobilize” people to invest their time, talents, and other resources in the Kingdom through “Business as Mission.” 2018’s event had more than 300 attendees from 10 countries, 83 cities, and 25 states. The majority of attendees came from outside Alabama.

Our Keynote speaker Daniel Jean-Louis addressed almost 200 attendees at our Luncheon.

Thomas Sudyk of EC Group was our Operator of the Year having introduced us and many more to what a Business As Mission (BAM) company means and can be.

Main Event (Thursday, October 18)

The 5th annual event featured 4 businesses presenting to 300 attendees and a Panel of Lions in a pitch competition similar to a “Shark Tank” type experience with a twist.  Presenting this year were Chariots Investments, Recovery Tribe aka “RTribe”, Turaco, and Jonas Paul Eyewear.

The Kingdom-focused Panel will look for sharp business minds focused on producing financial, social, environmental, and spiritual results in their chosen endeavors, known as the “quadruple bottom-line”.  Panelists included Keynote Speaker Daniel Jean-Louis, Max Anderson, Colin Crawley, Jeremy Thornton, and Chuck Welden.

We honored Thomas Sudyk of EC Group as the Operator of the Year for his service to advance Business As Mission through his family and company’s work in India, development of BAM concept as a commercially-viable, and their effort to instill in the next generation.

Live audience voting occurred throughout the presentations and their votes selected RTribe as the business to best survive The Lion’s Den for 2018.

Updates from past participants included Erwin Brothers Entertainment, Branch Technology, and Verdant Frontiers. We also had Exhibit Hall with a variety of sponsors, businesses, and organizations that make up the larger growing ecosystem for Business As Mission. Attendees visited these exhibits as well as had time to fellowship and network before the Main Event.

Presenting Companies

Presenter: Alex Lerza, Co-Founder

WINNER of Main Event by Live Audience Vote

Presenter: Manuel Zamudio, Co-Founder

Presenter: Ted Pantone, Co-Founder

Presenter: Ben Harrison, Co-Founder


Max Anderson
Saturn Five
Colin Crawley
Daniel Jean-Louis
Bridge Capital S.A.
Dr. Jeremy Thornton
Samford University
Chuck Welden
WeldenField Development

Operator of the Year

Tom Sudyk, Chairman & Founder of EC Group, was honored as our 2nd recipient. His life is an example for every presenter, founder, and entrepreneur who seeks to demonstrate the profession in Christ through their professionalism in the marketplace. Due to his faithfulness, our organization and the BAM movement exists.

See last year’s Operator of the Year here.

Keynote Luncheon

The 2018 Keynote Luncheon had Daniel Jean-Louis share his experience in Haiti and the need to move from “aid to trade.” Bryan Johnson, of Timberchase Financial, introduced Jean-Louis to attendees. Questions were taken from the audience after Daniel’s remarks.

See past Lunch Keynote Addresses in our Archives.

Real Businesses Seeking Real Investors to Make Real Impact

Platinum Sponsor

Venue & Host

Samford University

Main Event
Brock Recital Hall

Professional Summit & Keynote
Brock School of Business

Consistently rated as one of the top performing schools in the Southeast (#1 rated school in Alabama by Forbes), Samford provides a wonderful backdrop to the 2018 events.  Parking will be immediately in front of Thursday’s Main Event and easily accessible for attendees on campus.

We are grateful to Samford University and the Brock School of Business hosting The Lion’s Den once again.

Cedarworks, Inc. wants to see you at The Lion’s Den next year!

The Lion's Den Copyright 2018 is a Cedarworks, Inc. Event